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- Extra 1-on-1 Skype Session to Discuss any Questions
- Product Validation Analysis (by Ryan) to Help You Make Product Decisions
Ryan's Step-By-Step Amazon FBA Blueprint
'Pick Winning Products, Launch & Scale Products without Launch Services, Rank on Page 1, & Build a Real Brand.'*
I Teach a select group of Sellers how to Master Facebook Ads, Chatbots, Influencers Marketing, and Sell More Stuff.

If you want to build an audience, and scale a real business by selling more on Amazon, this is the training for you.*
I Teach a select group of Sellers how to Master Facebook Ads, Chatbots, Influencers Marketing, and Sell More Stuff.
If you want to build an audience, and scale a real business by selling more on Amazon, this is the training for you.*
ryan was Seen On...
Why Focus on Audience Building & Traffic Generation?
Five IMPORTANT Reasons:

1. You can rank products by selling to real customers (no paid launch services);
2. You can contact your audience to launch new products;
3. You can build customer loyalty and cross-promote new products;
4. You can increase your brand's valuation by building an audience;
5. You can drive sales whenever you'd like, and stay on page 1 more easily.

Are you understanding the power of controlling your own traffic?

This is MOST Advanced & proven Facebook & Chatbot Marketing Material, Specifically for amazon Sellers
  • Learn how to Master Facebook Ads: I reveal the most important aspects of Facebook Advertising that you need to know. No fluff or "filler" material.
  •  Launch Products and Boost Rankings: Build up an audience that you can launch and relaunch products to. 
  •  Get Reviews: To get reviews, you need real customers you can contact. These methods will give you that ability.
  •  Master ChatBot Marketing for Amazon Sellers: ChatBots are absolutely the most powerful marketing tool Amazon sellers have at their disposal today.  Communicate instantly with your Amazon customers via Facebook messenger. This gives you the ability to boost sales with the click of a button. You can use ChatBots to build an audience, launch products with a tsunami of traffic, get repeat customers, and build up your reviews.  
  •  No more giveaways to career deal hunters. No more review groups.  Give your product to customers who are actually interested
Learning how to advertise is expensive!
Use my proven techniques to save yourself time & money.
Here Are Some Results From Enrolled Students...
Check Out my Conversation with Jared Feldmeier from the first version of the course...
Diana Mastered Facebook & Chatbot Marketing
She was at $0 when she joined a few months ago.
She now sells >$30,000 per month with two products.
(Click the Image to Watch Diana's Story Below)
Jared Doubled Sales by Following my Image Formula
More Students from My Public Facebook Page
I've Spent Years Learning How to Sustain and Grow my Amazon Brand
I hope you're ready to take your listings, ranks, and brand to the next level. 💰
Let's face it...competing on Amazon is tough.

With Chinese competitors, dirty tricks to sabotage listings, and a barely functional Amazon algorithm, it is hard to sleep at night when your livelihood rests with Amazon. 

As long as your income from Amazon is controlled by a few organic rankings...quite frankly my dear, you're screwed.
I'm Here To Support Your Brand🏆
Everyone needs a coach and mentor. 
When I started my ecommerce business, there simply were not any mentors that emphasized Amazon as a sales channel. There were programs such as ASM or Brand Builder Bootcamp (which I've studied), but there was something huge missing...the personal touch and concern for students from the head-honchos. Trust me, the "team members" for these large courses without thousands of students just don't care about your success.

I have a personal stake in the success of all my students. From the weekly office hours to the private group, you have a direct line to me. Since you're investing in this course, you have my ear.
Before I tell you more about FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery, let me ask you a few questions:
 Are you struggling to grow your Amazon sales?
 Are you sick of competitors outranking you?
 Are you unable to keep a page 1 ranking?
 Do you think a 5% or 10% conversion rate increase could change your business overnight?
 Are you totally confused on how to drive sales from Facebook, Adwords, Instagram & Pinterest?
 When it comes to improving rank on Amazon, are you lost and overwhelmed?
 Do you feel like you're missing something huge that everyone else is "in" on?
If any of the above sounds like it might be applicable to you, well you're in the right place. I'm completely obsessed with absorbing information relating to ranking and driving traffic. I've used these methods to maintain ranks and launch products in an extremely competitive industry.

Let me show you the thought process, show you the ropes, help you master the algorithm, and also gain some independence from Amazon in the process.
Here's what you get when you enroll today.
This is not just another Amazon seller course where you get access to a handful of generic videos with zero support. Courses like that are a dime a dozen (in reality, they cost $1,000 or more). I'm not going to spend more time taking pictures of my cars or sales than I spend helping my students. That's bogus.
25+ Videos &
$3,000 Value
This is not a newbie course. I am not going to teach you how to source products, or how to apply barcodes. There are hundreds of youtube videos and free resources out there to help you with that. 

What I will show you is how to structure a brand, how to optimize your listings, how to get as many sales on those listings as possible, and how to  build an audience that you can use again & again.

I'm creating this course because this content is not taught, but is extremely important. 
$1,000 Value
Network with other course members. Access to this group is limited to people who actually take this stuff seriously, and because you've invested in my course, I'll be there very frequently. My goal is to build a group of highly motivated sellers who take action.
Weekly Office hours
$4,000 Value
Get in touch with me on a weekly basis for a group Google hangout. This will be available for a minimum of two months. (Tentatively setting this for Sunday evenings.)
THIS isn't easy stuff, and you'll need to push yourself
Let's Make Sure We Are On The Same Page
Do not get caught in the commodity & price war trap. The best time to start building your future eCommerce empire is today, and the opportunity is ripe. Brands are selling left & right for seven & eight figure paydays.

Succeeding on Amazon (and in business in general) requires investment. If you are not in the position to experiment with ads and try new strategies, this course is not for you. 

Launching new products & truly making your listings winners requires money. If you plan to skimp on your images or quit after a few days of no results, please close the page now and move on. When you're trying to be a top seller, you need to do what top sellers do.
I am giving you access to every strategy I use to build my eCommerce business.
The foundation of this course is a series of detailed powerpoint slides and videos that go into more detail. In addition to the content already generated, I will take your questions and weekly discussions to make more content. 

This is a course that grows and changes over time, and you have access to that expanding library of content forever.
Video Lessons
Hours Of Content
Powerful Modules
(May not be available for students enrolling later)
Every Monday I conduct a live Q&A session in our private Facebook group. Every session is recorded and added to the course video library. When you join you have access to all past office hour recordings.

Need more help? Make a request and I'll shoot a video or write up a tutorial just for you. I'll add this to the course content and make it available to everyone (with private information removed).
1-ON-1 Skype Call + eMail Support
With your course comes with:

- one 30 minute session of one-on-one via Skype video chat
- up to one hour of eMail support where I answer questions with video responses

This will help you get through any tricky issues with your ads, chatbots, or products.
This bonus may not be available when/if the course re-opens.

I'll Teach You the Topics to Not Only Pick a Product, but how to Position your Brand, Rank that Product Using Traffic You Control (Facebook, Adwords, & More), Build Long-Term Traffic Campaigns, and Build a Real Rabid Customer Base. 
Module 1
1 HR
Implementation (1 Week)
+ one-on-one consultation
 Branding on Amazon
 How to Make Intelligent Product Decisions (Product Selection)
Conversion Rate Optimization Tricks
 Maximizing your Customer Lifetime Value
 Customer Services & Automated Emails (JUICY!)
 Brand Pages (Best Practices)
Module 2
Organic Optimization
45 Minutes
Implementation (1 Week)
Picking Keywords with Tools
Optimizing Listings for Amazon Rank
How to Optimize for Third Party Traffic
Module 3
120 Minutes
Implementation (3-4 Days)
 Facebook Advertising Essentials
 Pixels and Conversion Events
Campaign and Adset Breakdowns
Advanced Audience Creation, Specifically for FBA Sellers (Save Thousands with this Knowledge)
 Using Your Customer Lists
 Adsets & Advanced Targeting
 Ads for Amazon Sales with Examples
 Breaking Down the Data
 Automation Rules (For Scaling and Controlling Spend)
Module 4
Launches & Funnels
(Chatbot mastery included)
 120 Minutes
Implementation 8-14 Days
How to Set-up Your First Landing Page Based Funnel
 How to Set-up Your First ChatBot (ManyChat) Funnel 
The "Review" Funnel that I Use to Get Tons of TOS Compliant Reviews
Aggressive First Page Launch Strategy 1 (Chatbots)
 Aggressive First Page Launch Strategy 2
 New ChatBot Launch Strategy with a 96% Success Rate
 Secret Method to Get Full-Priced Sales the 8-Figure Sellers are Using
 Flows for Lifetime Customer Loyalty (Chatbots)
 Viral Informative Video Funnel
 Advanced Amazon Ranking Tricks (ranking for long-tail & more)
 Contest Funnels
 Retargeting Funnels
Module 5
Evergreen Marketing Skills
 120 Minutes
 eMail Marketing Flows, Suggested Tools
Messenger Flows and Menu Setup
 Structuring a World-Class Social Media Strategy on a Budget
 How to Use Social Media for Physical Product Promotion
Module 6
External Channels
 120 Minutes
Setting Up Shopify
Third Party Sales Channels (How I Added $8,000 per month to my sales)
 Focus Discussion
Module 7
Time Management & Scaling
 65 Minutes
 Tools I use to Work Less
Tools I Use to Manage People
Setting Goals & Tracking Progress
Module 8
Trademark & Legal Stuff
Funnel Inspiration
 Ad Inspiration
 Google Adwords for Promoting Amazon Products
 Using Facebook Groups to Launch Products
 Over 20 recorded live Q&As from my Monday meetups!
These 3 Bonuses Expire...
Bonus 1
Office Hours
Every Sunday I conduct a live hour-long Q&A session in our private Facebook group. Every session is recorded and added to the course video library. When you join you have access to all past office hour recordings.
Bonus 2
Need more help? Make a request and I'll shoot a video or write up a tutorial just for you. I'll add this to the course content and make it available to everyone (with private information removed).
Bonus 3
Personal Access
With your course comes with one full hour of one-on-one help that you can either choose to use or not use. This consists of two 30 minute sessions. I'm only offering this as a bonus if you join up before the timer expires. If you wait until after the time expires, the offer is no longer valid.
Adaptive Course that Will Grow Over Time
I'm Committed to Being the Best for You.
If you find that anything isn't clicking & you need additional instruction, I'll shoot a new video and fix the content. Also, if there is a more advanced topic that you need help with, I'll make a video and add it to the course. 

Since you're getting in now, you'll have access to all of the new content that comes later for this course.
Spend the Time, APply the Knowledge, and See What Happens.
If you already have a business that is taking sales on Amazon, I'm confident you'll see an increase in your sales and profits just by applying the first module. If you do not see a positive ROI, frankly I'll be shocked and dismayed. Let me know if you are not getting more sales as a result of the training within 30 days, and I'll refund you 100%.
You must actually go through the course, put in the time, and be unable to fix the problem after meeting with me to qualify for the refund. If something isn't clicking, I'll put you as my top priority for that week and create an action plan with you to turn things around.  There's a reason I have just a 1% refund rate.
Don't Just Take My Word For It
i have worked with 203 students so far. 
The Results Speak For Themselves...
Thang N.
Sales increased by 20% after two weeks
Now selling over 180 Units Per day
Art Manville
Built a brand in 2018 from $0 to $80k per month.
Kyle Yamamoto, ChatBot Launch Success
Increased Revenue by $20,000 per month
I've been in the marketing game on and off for about ten years. In the first two years I was online, I made about $100,000 while I was an extremely lazy student by some random luck. The income I made was not sustainable as I was using "black hat" techniques to make viral content that collected zip codes. I felt bad about the methods I used.
Sometime around the year 2009 I completely gave up on online marketing and decided I "wasn't good enough" to make it work. I went to school, decided to live abroad in South Korea for a year teaching English, and was admitted to law school.  Long story short, I have all of the skills that are necessary to be a good lawyer, it frankly just bores me....
What really gets me excited is online marketing and selling products. 

Around 2013 I discovered Amazon FBA. My first brand completely flopped because I sold a highly competitive silicone baking mat...then...I Found a Mentor & Changed my Mindset.
About three months later, I started fresh and decided to focus on building a brand instead of a get rich quick product. That's when things started to work for me. Since starting about two years ago I've sold close to $2M while working no more than five hours a week on average. In fact, I took six months off to devote entirely to studying and the bar exam.
That leads me to today. I decided to start offering a course because I'm good at synthesizing content, removing unnecessary clutter, and helping people grow. My #1 mission is to make sure you get 10x the value you pay for this course. Save yourself the blood sweat and tears that I've endured & let me help you become an FBA and eCommerce beast.
How long is the course?
The course contains 25+ videos. To really apply everything will take weeks, so I am structuring it like a two month bootcamp. If you ask me for help, I will be very critical and constructive of your ads, listings, and products. Tough love. If you want to really learn and apply everything, you'll need about 2 months in most cases.
Is this for beginners or advanced sellers?
While it is not structured for beginners, if you are new or just starting you can definitely learn a lot from this course. It is better to start off on the right foot. You can use this techniques to make your first FBA product a smashing success. If you already have a business and are having some issues getting ranks and consistent growth, this is also for you.
How long do I have access to the Course?
You have lifetime access to the course, which includes all the course content and the private Facebook group. (The only exception to this rule is that I reserve the right to issue a full refund and remove students who are breaking the terms of service for the course.)
What if I am not satisfied with the Course?
I want you to be more than satisfied...I want you to make some serious money with your FBA Business! I am truly invested in your success. If the content and direction does not seem right for you within 30 days, I will personally work with you during a one-on-one session to help you. We can jump on an extra call, whatever you need within that 30 days. If after that session you still aren't seeing a noticeable improvement then I will issue a full refund.
What if I have questions or problems?
All students have access to our private Facebook group where they can ask any questions. If you have urgent or very specific questions you can email me at
Can I pay with PayPal?
Not at this time.
become an fba TRAFFIC & FUNNEL master today!
Join Ryan's FBA Traffic & Funnel Mastery Class & Private Group Today for just...
$1,500 $1,997
Let's Work Together.
* Past performance is no guarantee of future results. I cannot guarantee you will achieve any of the results suggested on this page. While I have achieved these results on my own, it involved significant effort. You will need to work, and even if you work you may still fail.  Most people fail at business, and this course does not promise results.

If you do not experience any growth or feel you did not gain any value from the training modules, you can request a refund within 14 days. After 14 days, your option for a refund is void. Student is required to complete at least 25% of the course content and is required to book a call with Ryan, show up on time to the call, and to discuss ways to fix the problem prior to being elible for the refund. 

Ryan Rigney (Honest Light LLC) reserves the right to issue a full refund and remove students from the course without notice and for whatever reason. In such event, student shall not be entitled to anything further than a refund. A condition of enrollment is a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement & ID Verification. If you do not agree to the onboarding procedures you will not be admitted to the course and will be fully refunded. No exceptions.

This website and offer is not a part of or Facebook Inc. Additionally, nothing you see here is endorsed by Facebook, Inc. in any way. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. The same goes for ManyChat.

This is not in anyway affiliated with Amazon, or any Amazon related companies. Goes without saying, right?

Disclaimer: Sales figures and campaign results listed above or in my marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of training, experimenting and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors. 

Copyright of this page and course is property of Honest Light LLC.
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